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A perfect winter day

Winter DayThese two photographs of Pett Level were taken on what I think was a perfect winter day. It was sunny and there was no wind. Ice was still formed on water that had not been exposed to the sun during the day. It is the type of day when you can take a deep breath of air and feel like you are breathing in something pure and clear. Then you breathe out and you can see it dissipating slowly away.

The sun was low in the horizon for most of the day, providing that ‘golden hour‘ glow to the scenery for much longer than you get during the summer. A slight haze hung in the air giving the distant hills some softness. The smoke from a distant garden bonfire adds to the scene. For me, the perfect winter day.

The two photos are better viewed full size on my Flickr page, which you can do by clicking on them.

Pett Level

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