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Before it Rains

Rains over Beachy HeadWe thought we would have a nice walk along Bexhill seafront last weekend. As we drove there via Catsfield the sun, which had been out since it rose, went in. As we got closer to Bexhill the clouds were getting thicker and thicker to the west. They had that blue/grey look that tells you a lot of rain is coming.

“I’m sure we’ll get our walk in before it rains” I said cheerfully whilst wondering if that were true. Inevitably a car in front of us was travelling at 10 mph under the speed limit, and slowing whenever a car came in the opposite direction. And slowly I started to feel anxious that we wouldn’t make it in time – like I would be late for something important.

That unreasonable anxiety generated unwanted responses to the situation. Feeling angry at the driver in front for being inconsiderate of my need to get to the seafront. Annoyed because the light has turned red just as we were approaching it. Frustrated at things out of my control, all because it looked like rain.

I was out the car almost before it stopped. There was some time before the rain arrived. We had twenty minutes until the first fat drops began to fall.

And I managed to take this photo of Bexhill seafront before it rains.

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