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Old Scotney Castle

Old Scotney CastleI’ve blogged about Scotney Castle before, but the place is very photogenic that I think it is worth doing again. The day we visited was nice and calm, which meant there were some good reflections in the moat.

Old Scotney Castle looks like something you’d find drawn in a book about fantasy castles. This is exactly how the owners of the estate wanted it to look of course. The Victorians loved to renovate ruins so that they looked aesthetically pleasing. A great job was done here.Old Scotney CastleOld Scotney Castle looks lovely from every view you see it from, whether approaching it from the hills above or walking around its moat.

Each of these photos can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.Old Scotney Castle

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    Tyson Robichaud

    Gorgeous shots Kieron!

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