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Down the Tracks

Down the TracksThese views down the tracks were taken along the stretch of the Kent & East Sussex Railway that approaches Bodiam station. For any children reading, before I went on the tracks I checked to make sure the railway was not being operated on that day. I still kept alert for signs of train whilst I was taking these photos. Always safety first!

I’ve always liked photographs that show tracks disappearing off into the distance. The rails draw your eye into the picture and perhaps make you wonder where the tracks lead. In the top image the rails go up a slight incline and bend off to the right. I thought that converting the image to black and white, but leaving the rusted tracks in colour would make an interesting image.

The second image ends at the road gate. Facing into the sun, the colour of the tracks wasn’t as defined so I left the entire image black and white.

Both of these views down the tracks can be seen full size on my Flickr page.

Down the Tracks

4 responses to “Down the Tracks”

  1. purple yaks avatar
    purple yaks

    Really like these, there’s always something intriguing about a route that appears to disappear into infinity. And I think both images work well..leaving the tracks rusty does add a little surreal, dreamlike touch.

    1. Kieron Pelling avatar

      Thanks Purple Yaks!

  2. avatar

    The first image is simple but stunning…….with so many good images on the blog pages it is easy to accept (and like) them….but I had to go back and take a much longer look. The knock back to black and white whilst leaving the tracks in their rusted colour makes a good image, great (-:

    1. Kieron Pelling avatar

      Thank you for the kind comments David.

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