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Dungeness Beach

Dungeness BeachAnyone that visits Dungeness Beach is always attracted to the abandoned fishing boats and buildings. These deserted businesses seem to fit into the unique Dungeness atmosphere. There is something about abandoned places that is unsettling but commands attention.Dungeness BeachPerhaps it interests us what would happen if people were to suddenly disappear. At Dungeness, with some imagination, you can feel as if you are all alone in the world, wandering amongst the decaying world humans left behind. If you like this type of thing, this webpage has some great photographs of other abandoned places.Dungeness BeachAll you need to do to get the real feel of Dungeness is to wander off the road, away from the tourist route to the lighthouse and train station. There will be a few photographers wandering around, but you’ll be mostly alone. All you’ll hear is the sea, wind and occasionally the humming sound from the power station.Dungeness BeachAs you walk southwards on the beach, newer boats can be observed. It’s clear that rather than the industry dying out here, it is still going. Newer boats and materiel are present along with the old. New questions can be asked; like why don’t they tidy up?Dungeness Beach

In some parts of Dungeness Beach there are some sculptures and art pieces. This is not one of them. Instead it was once a marker for fishing boats to use to help them navigate in from the sea. It became defunct with modern technology.Dungeness BeachThese photos of Dungeness Beach, plus a few additional ones can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.

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