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Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury TorGlastonbury Tor rises impressively above the Somerset Levels. The landmark, with the ruined tower of St Michael’s Church can be seen for miles around. It is a place steeped in myth and legend, from being home to the King of the Fairies, Gwyn Ap Nudd to being part of a gigantic zodiac map.Glastonbury Tor

It’s a long slog walking up to the top, but the effort is worth it when you get there. You are presented with a fantastic panorama of the levels. It’s this view that gives Glastonbury Tor its magical air, which I’ve tried to capture in the images below.View from Glastonbury TorThe view above looks towards the town of Glastonbury with the Mendip Hills in the distance.View from Glastonbury TorLooking south-east across the Somerset LevelsView from Glastonbury TorLooking north-east towards Wells and the Mendips. I was lucky with the weather, visibility was very good.St Michael's Church TowerThere were several people up on the Tor, ranging from those who believe in the magic of the place, to a particular keen runner who ran up and down the hill three times whilst I was there.St Michael's Church TowerEach of these images can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.

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