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SeagullMost people living by the coast have a love/hate relationship with seagulls or at least that how it is for me.  There are loads of them, they crap over everything, tear open bin bags, spread litter and steal food from unsuspecting visitors. Worse, they bully the ducks in the park. However they are intrinsically linked to the seaside. In Hastings they are as much as part of the scenery as the Harbour Arm and Pier. Have you ever taken a photo of Hastings that didn’t have a seagull in it somewhere? The sound they make is also part of the seaside atmosphere, as important as the crash of the waves on the beach. I miss their cries when away from the coast.

These two photos were taken in Brighton incidentally. They can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.Seagulls

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