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Brightling Needle

Brightling Needle 2The Brightling Needle stands at the 2nd highest point in Sussex, a couple of miles from the village of Brightling. It was built in around 1810 by John Fuller. No one quite knows why it was built, but it was possibly to celebrate Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar. Brightling NeedleBest known as ‘Mad Jack’ Fuller, the squire of Brightling village built several other unusual buildings in East Sussex, Including Fuller’s Tower which can be seen from the village. One of its windows peek out from the cover of the trees, watching the village like an unblinking eye.Tower FollyJohn Fuller was a politician and philanthropist. As well as the follies, he is best known for saving Bodiam Castle from destruction, funding the Eastbourne Lifeboat, and funding the Belle Tout Lighthouse on Beachy Head. His pyramid mausoleum, within the Brightling Church cemetery was built in 1810, 24 years before his death.Pyramid MausoleumJohn Fuller’s mausoleum is very similar to that of James Burton, the architect of St Leonards on Sea. Was Burton inspired by Fuller’s memorial? These pyramid mausoleums are still being built. Actor Nic Cage apparently has one already waiting for him in a New Orleans graveyard. Brightling ChurchEach of these photos can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.

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