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Camber Sands

Camber SandsCamber Sands is a unique part of the East Sussex coastline. Whereas the majority of the beaches that stretch from Brighton to Dover have cliffs or shingle coastlines, Camber has lovely flat sandy beaches. Most other places around here only see sand at very low tide. Camber is a small area though, just 3km long.

As one of the few sandy beaches in this part of the country it attracts up to 25,000 people a day during the peak summer season.Camber SandsThe sands are created by the constant erosion of the pebbles through the work of the sea and tides. These are deposited at Camber. When the tide goes out, as far as 1km here, the sun dries out the sand and the wind blows the loose grains inland. These grains gradually build up around grass, vegetation and other obstacles forming the dunes that rise above the beach. This process has been happening for centuries and continues to do so. Camber Sands are slowly growing.

Of course this is a special area for wildlife and biodiversity so is a site of Special Scientific Interest. It also interests film makers and has been used for several films including the 2014 Monuments Men.Camber Sands

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