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Old Hastings Fishmarket

Hastings FishmarketThis Then and Now image shows where the Old Hastings Fishmarket used to be. The Octagonal building was built by the council in 1870, and the original photo used for this image was taken in about 1890. It was built to replace the individual fish stalls that existed on the beach.

The Old Hastings Fishmarket was eventually demolished in 1928 to use the space for a turning area for the trolley buses that started operating in Hastings that year. It was also in 1928 when the council started to clear out the ‘slums’ of the old town. These slums were the homes of the impoverished, and they were moved to new housing being built on farmland between Hastings and Ore – Bembrook and Halton. This marked the beginning of the clearing out of the Old Town, ending with the Bourne Road being build during the 1960s.

The Queen’s Head Hotel was also a pub. According to the Hastings Lost Pubs website the pub was notorious for prostitution and rowdy behaviour. Its heyday was during the second half of the 1800’s and it ceased trading as a hotel and pub in 1913.

The two photographs used to create the image above are below. The original photograph was taken from the East Sussex Library Flickr page.

Old Hastings Fishmarket

East Street Car Park

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