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Rye Bay

Rye BaySometime ago I was walking along the access road that runs between Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour. When walking in places I visit often I’m always on the look out for new perspectives to avoid taking the same photograph. The weather and time of day can offer plenty of variety to a scene, but a view across Rye Bay to Dungeness Power Station is still the same view no matter the weather.

About halfway along I noticed that someone had placed a large rock on top of one of the groynes. There was something about the composition of the two that was appealing to me.

I wondered for a while who placed the stone there and why. Perhaps the person wanted to create a different photograph themselves, or maybe to paint the view. I think it was deliberately placed for a reason, rather than someone sticking it there thoughtlessly. Whatever the reason it worked for me. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of creating a beach sculture to add a feature to a scene.

It’s something I’ll bear in mind for the future though.

You can view this scene of Rye Bay full size on my Flickr page by clicking on it.

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