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Battle of Britain Memorial

Battle of Britain MemorialThe Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne, Kent was built in 1993. The site is built on the White Cliffs and commands excellent views over the Channel and Folkestone. The memorial centre piece is a statue of a pilot, placed in the centre of a huge propeller created with paving stones. At the rear is a memorial wall with the names of all the ‘Few’ that were involved in the battle on the Allied side.Battle of Britain Memorial 3

A new visitor centre opened last year and offers an overview of the battle and a ‘Scramble’ experience to help people imagine what being a pilot was like during the battle, if a walk though and sound effects can ever achieve that.Battle of Britain Memorial 4

This photograph shows a great view of the area from above, and gives a good idea of the layout and design. Also on site are full size replicas of a Spitfire and Hurricane. The presence of the replica planes adds an important context to the memorial and provide a big impact on the children visiting the site.Battle of Britain Memorial

Each of these photos can be viewed full size on Flickr by clicking on them.

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