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It is that time of the year when Bluebells have bloomed. They can be found in many parts of Europe, from Spain to Germany and they have been introduced to the USA as well. Luckily for Great Britain, we get the dense fields of them in woodlands which isn’t as common in the other places that they grow.

Dense patches of bluebells in forests are an indicator of ancient woodland, or in other words, the woods they grow in have been there since at least the 15th century. These woods will have developed naturally as cultivation of forests didn’t start until more recent times. There is plenty of woodland like that around Hastings and Battle. I’m lucky enough to live next door to some, and even better, I don’t have to pay to enjoy them.

Where ever you find bluebells there are also Wood Anemones, another flower found in ancient woodland. It too is a pretty flower, but doesn’t get the attention that the bluebell does. As pretty at it is, it is fairly poisonous, so don’t be tempted to eat one.

This article, on Happy DIY Home, has a comprehensive list of all the 5 main varieties of Bluebells across the world and is an interesting read.

These photos can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.

Wood Anemone


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